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The Dream

Since most people think they read the Bible more than they actually do, our dream is to stimulate you to read God’s Word on a regular basis to discover life change.

Most people want to please God and fulfill his wonderful purpose for their lives but they just don’t know where to turn. That is where the Bible comes in. It reveals the Lord in all his glory and what he desires for us.

The Bible’s history, stories and teaching unfold the truth that is necessary to enjoy a walk with God. In fact, the Apostle Paul said that the faith we need for living comes by hearing the Word. Regular input from the Bible is essential to have faith that knows God and enjoys his fullness in the choices of life.

We all need help for the struggles in our lives. Fortunately, the Bible offers either clear teaching or principles which can guide us as we move ahead. The more time we spend learning God’s ways, the greater success we will have in life.

The Bible warns us that knowledge puffs up, but love builds up (I Corinthians 8:1). Therefore, the steps in this website will always guide you toward lovingly applying God’s teaching to your life. As God changes you through his Word, your life will become an example to those you love and know.

As you participate in this adventure, pass on this website to your family and friends. You never know how the Lord will use it to enrich their lives.


The Gannett Leadership Center

Reading the Bible is core to the mission of The Gannett Leadership Center. Our purpose is to equip and mobilize lay people to know God better and to serve him in their spheres of influence.

Ron Gannett founded this ministry to honor the life and work of his father, Alden Gannett, who was a leader in Christian education in Canada and the United States. Both father and son desire to see tools placed in the hands of lay people to help them make a difference in this world.

Our hope is that local churches and clergy will have more trained workers to help them fulfill their mission for the Lord. This objective is carried out by these strategies:

  1. Providing resources and training.
  2. Mentoring through consulting and coaching.
  3. Alerting churches of trends and ministry opportunities.

Discover more about us at www.GannettLeadership.com

Board of Directors

The Board has ultimate oversight of the mission of The Gannett Leadership Center and is composed of women and men who demonstrate an outstanding Christian testimony in their family, church and community. They share a passion to help you know the Lord better by reading his Word.

Roman Bartkiw:
Roman is an attorney and lives in Toronto, Ontario, with his wife, Helen.
Ross Beaman:
Ross is a leasing manager for Pitney Bowes Canada and lives in Burlington, Ontario, with his wife Kim.
Cathy Fraser:
Cathy is an administrative assistant to the senior leadership team at The Meeting House and lives in Burlington, Ontario, with her husband Andy.
Tom Lambshead:
Tom is the senior pastor of Calvary Church and lives in Toronto, Ontario, with his wife, Karen.
Harvey Patterson:
Harvey is the retired owner and president of Patterson Interiors and lives in Markham, Ontario, with his wife, Marilyn.
John Tooth:
John is a retired Vice President with Speedy Muffler King and lives in Burlington, Ontario, with his wife, Anne.

Meet the Authors

Ron Gannett

Ron has a passion to help other people know and enjoy God’s Word. He and Susie enjoy four children and six grandchildren. Their pastoral and teaching ministries have seen them hold positions in Texas, West Virginia, Alabama and Canada. He is presently the senior pastor of Shades Mountain Bible Church in Birmingham.

He received his biblical education at Southeastern Bible College, Dallas Theological Seminary (Master of Theology) and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Doctor of Ministry). In 1995 he was awarded a Doctor of Divinity from Briercrest College and Seminary.

Ron spent 21 years as pastor of Park Bible Church in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. During his tenure, the congregation developed a reputation for outreach and ministry to the community and world.

While participating in the daily readings, you will discover that Ron has various sermons which may apply to that passage. Click on and enjoy. You can listen to him speak at these sites as well:

Susie Gannett

Susie has been blessed with a wonderful gift to teach the Word of God. She is a graduate of Southeastern Bible College and has used her teaching gifts in conferences and churches in Canada, the United States and around the world.

Ron is extremely grateful for the investment she has made in their family and ministries. You will discover that she brings a special touch to all she does.

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