The Spirit of Christmas

I love Charles Dickens but…Ho, Ho, Ho…I don’t fear the Spirit of Christmas.  Yes, I am one of those sappy people who can’t resist watching A Christmas Carol every season.  It always grabs my emotions, but something inside of me imagines the real difference the Spirit of Christmas could bring to people like you and me. 

Who doesn’t want to change something in their past?  Thankfully, that is the stuff of the Spirit.  In the beginning, the Spirit of God hovered over creation to make a perfect world.  Later, he overshadowed Mary so that the Son of God was born to restore the world we ruined.  This one and only Spirit can be trusted to re-create the past for us all. 

If we trust the Spirit’s renewal, the future becomes less scary.  Looking down the road ahead can make us anxious or controlling, but the Spirit brings confidence.  In Ephesians, the Holy Spirit is described as God’s deposit in us guaranteeing our inheritance and redemption in eternity.  The fact of his presence in our lives is God’s pledge that all his promises will come true one day.  When fears overwhelm you to doubt, let the Spirit’s presence in you be a reminder that the best is yet to come.  You would not have the Spirit if God has given up on you. 

Even more exciting is that life happens in the present, and we are not alone.  On the night before he died, Jesus promised the Spirit who would guide us into all truth and tell about the future.  This change agent came at Pentecost to indwell, convict, teach, guide and empower us to enjoy life and overcome its challenges.  Our Lord knew we need help and could not succeed alone.  But, do we depend on that God-given resource? 

Just knowing about the Spirit doesn’t do it.  We tap into his power by saturating ourselves with the Scriptures.  After all, he is the ultimate author who gave these words to reveal God’s person and will to us.  Therefore, our reading must go beyond knowledge to a deeper level of dependence.  When you open the Bible, sense his presence and listen to the Spirit of wisdom and revelation.  You will enjoy insight and empowerment beyond your dreams. 

How could we fear the Spirit of Christmas when he removes all fears?  He alone makes sense out of the past and future while fueling us with enablement today.  Your surprise Christmas gift might just be sitting on your shelf.  Grab a cozy chair, open your Bible and listen as you discover the exciting joy of walking in the Spirit.  Then, get up and go create your own movie!



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