Spiritual Friendships

April 18, 2011  


Why do some friendships seem so boring?  You work at staying in touch but wonder why you do.  The conversations tend to be so repetitive that you can anticipate what the person is going to say.  You long for something more.

Sadly, even Christians suffer from this malady.  Our allegiance to the Lord seems invisible even in these close relationships.  We look like observers rather than participants in each other’s lives.  Have we forgotten that the Lord meant for the ordinary human connection to become a wonderful conduit of grace to everyone involved? 

A wise person once told me that you should view people in one of two ways.  Either they bring a spiritual mentoring influence to your life or you bring one to theirs.  When we engage with people outside of this matrix, friendships can become unhealthy.  But, if we see God placing people in our lives for his purposes, it changes everything. 

Just think how frustrating life would be without the example and influence of other believers to guide you in your personal journey.  If you turn around, you will discover someone needing you to blow some wind into their sails.  This simplicity is God’s way of empowering us to face and champion the challenges of life. 

As summer takes us on travels or brings family and friends our way, engage people with God’s purposes in mind.  Relate with a sense of mission which realizes that you have so much to learn or give away.  Enjoy your time with friends and discover the reason Jesus was rarely alone.


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